What can you Relay?

Everybody has recurring expenses, and everybody likes to treat themselves now and again. Why not earn incredible cash-back rewards on money you know you’re going to spend anyway?

Relay combines an immediate annuity, which we call a Planned-Spend Account, with a Relay Visa® Prepaid Card (“Relay Card”).

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Planned-Spend Account

Your Relay Planned-Spend Account holds the funds you’ve set aside for future expenditures. It loads payouts every month to your Relay Card until the balance is exhausted. Your funds are not locked - if you decide Relay is not for you, you can withdraw your funds at any time with no penalties.
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Relay Card

Your Relay Card is where you receive monthly payouts. Spend your payouts everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted to earn incredible cash-back rewards on all purchases except when you enter a PIN or make an ACH transfer. There are no category restrictions or blackout dates, and your cash-back rewards don’t expire.

How does it work?

1 Set Your Plan and Create Your Account

Determine the payout you’d like to receive on your Relay Card each month and the number of years you’d like to receive this monthly payout. Then, deposit a one-time lump sum to open your Planned-Spend Account and enroll for a Relay Card.

2 Get Monthly Payouts on Your Relay Card

Once enrolled, we’ll mail you your Relay Card. Your monthly payouts will be drawn from the balance of your Planned-Spend Account, and loaded onto your Relay Card, until the balance of your Planned-Spend Account is exhausted.

3 Spend Your Payouts to Earn Your Cash-Back

Earn incredible cash-back rewards every time you spend your monthly payouts with your Relay Card on all qualifying transactions. And, for every year you're a Relay Planned-Spend Account holder, your cash-back rate increases 1% per year!

Build your Relay plan

Groceries? Gas? Dining out? How much would you like to set aside for recurring expenses? Select the amount that best fits your lifestyle, and for how you long you’d like to receive payments, to see the lump-sum required and rewards you’ll earn.
$350 Paid out per month
5 years Plan Term
5 350 Plan
Your lump sum: $20,886.96
Lump sum quotes reflect pricing as of today. Pricing is subject to change to reflect changes in market interest rates.