What is Relay?

Relay® combines an immediate annuity with a Relay Visa® Prepaid Card (“Relay Card”) to offer incredible cash-back rewards.

How does it work?


Open a Relay annuity

Determine the amount of recurring expenses you’d like to earn amazing cash-back on, and open a Relay annuity with a one-time lump sum. You’ll keep the flexibility of a savings product, because you can withdraw your funds at any time with no penalties or fees. It’s planning amplified.

Receive monthly payouts

You’ll receive a Relay Card where payouts from your annuity will be loaded each month. It’s budgeting simplified.

Earn amazing rewards when you spend

Earn 3-13% cash-back on all purchases (except when you enter a PIN or make an ACH transfer) with no category exceptions, no blackout dates, and no annual fees. It’s cash-back optimized.
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Build Your Plan

Set your Relay plan based on the expenses you’d like covered each month and how long you’ll hold your annuity. See the percent cash-back you’ll earn and the dollar increase to your spending power. It’s your money, working harder.

5 350 Plan
Your lump sum: $20,886.96
Lump sum quotes reflect pricing as of today. Pricing is subject to change to reflect changes in market interest rates.

Read About Us

" Meet the People Trying to Put a Friendlier Face on Annuities… Relay offers a basic annuity with the regular payouts loaded onto a prepaid Visa that then earns varying levels of cash back. "

" A new range of tools are bringing fintech to the next level. Take Relay, which helps consumers make the most of the money they've earmarked for future expenses. "

" Relay is the first offering to creatively combine an immediate annuity with cash-back rewards, delivered via a fully-digital service model using modern technology. "

Meet Zach Veach!

We sponsor the #26 Andretti Autosport Indy car. Zach embodies what our business is built upon: working hard, overcoming obstacles, empowering others, and giving back.